Days 39 & 40


Ahhh….being home has been so nice! So very nice I almost forgot to blog about my bed rest 😆
(Day 39) Sunday was very nice. I spent most of the day sitting outside (with my feet up 😉 ) reading and enjoying the spring weather. Hubby cleaned out the attic and got all the baby gear down for me. We finished the day off with pizza from our favorite local pizza shop.
(Day 40) So today was my NST. I had to go by myself because Hubby was working. I was prepared to spend most of the day at the hospital. I walked into L&D and they were all ready for me. They brought me right back to triage and hooked me up. The first 30 minutes or so were good. Then the baby had a decel. So of course my doc wants me to stay. I told him the only way I’d stay was if they induced me. (Not that I was requesting to be induced) But I figured if the baby was doing badly they’d want to induce right?? So after an extended monitoring session the doc agreed to let me go home. 😀 So I will go back on Wednesday (34 weeks) to be induced!! :mrgreen:

Yipee…..we have a date!! On March 24, 2010 my baby will be born!!! (6 long weeks after my water broke) The baby will definitely require a NICU stay of at least a week. (Of course it could be more) I am as prepared as I can be for the next part of this journey. So Wednesday I will be starting my NICU count up ticker as well as blogging about my experiences. And of course I will post pictures of my sweet baby as soon as I can 😉


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