For most people Friday is a day to look forward to. Friday means no work and time to do as you please. For me Fridays are no fun. Friday means I am one day closer to the dreaded weekend! On the weekends I have nurses that usually only work once or twice a month. The weekend nurses are the worst! Every weekend I get so tempted to just say f*ck it I am leaving!! I am tired of nurses coming in to bother me during a meal. I am tired of nurses who take my temp & BP at end of shift just to have the next nurse do the same thing 20-30 minutes later! I am so tired of all of this. A person can only take so much and it looks like I have reached my limit! 👿


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  1. well two things to keep your spirits up..1) only TWO more weekends left!!! and..2) if you say F*ck it and leave, you get to spend some quality time back home with your MIL!!! That should be enough on it’s own to keep you level-headed! :O)

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