It’s NO Big Deal!!!


I have been in the hospital on bed rest for over a month now. Part of my daily routine testing is being put on the monitor 3 times a day. For about 2 weeks or so I have been hooking myself up. I’d much rather do this myself then be interrupted yet another time. It is not difficult at all…especially since I know where the baby is. But boy oh boy is this pissing off some of my nurses!! I really don’t see why?? Now none of them have come right out and said they do not want me doing this (I dare them) but they are making “jokes” about me getting paid for doing their job. Or they say things like “Just page me when you are ready to go on the monitor” Now let me explain how the antepartum floor is set up. We have as many as 5 patients and only 1 nurse to care for all of us. So I am doing them a favor right? Well really I’m not doing it to help them. I’m doing it so that I have one less time of being poked and prodded 😉 But either way…It’s NO big deal!!!!!


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