Day 24


Well after a rocky start I have to say my day got much better! Hubby came to visit and he stayed for over 4 hours 🙂 He brought me a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, a piece of Busy Bee’s birthday cake and a 2 liter bottle of caffeine free Coke. We just spent the day cuddling in bed and talking. It was so nice. He is going to bring all 5 kiddos to visit tomorrow afternoon and my mom is going to visit me in the morning.

After laying down the “ground rules” I am feeling a bit better about my MIL coming to help out. I made it very clear that hubby has to tell his mom that she has to leave on April 3. We are not telling her I will be induced by April 2 – we are telling her my mom is going to take the month of April off to help out. My MIL thinks I am going to be allowed to go until 37 weeks. I know it’s a bit sneaky but as I said – I am not going to come home to her in my house after spending 7 1/2 weeks in the hospital. So…….as long as I don’t go into labor and the baby keeps looking good all things are falling into place 😉


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