Day 21


I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks already!!! I never thought I’d go this long. I am now 31 weeks. Now that I have made it 3 weeks I am more hopeful about getting to 34 weeks. Or 35 weeks depending on which doc you ask. I am hoping they induce me by 34 weeks. Not just because it’s sooner but because this will put the baby’s birthday right between my birthday (3/17) and hubby’s birthday (3/28) 😉 Plus 35 weeks brings me to March 31. I’d hate to have an April Fools baby 😆

I got a nice surprise last night. Flowers!! My mom had flowers delivered to my room. They are so nice & they smell so good. I hope they live for a while……they really brighten up this boring hospital room!!

Edited to add: I had 4 contractions exactly 40 minutes apart (so far) this morning.


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