My Current Situation – Day 10 Of Bed Rest


Ok here’s the scoop. I am now home. Not because my doc said I could but because I decided I had to leave. One of the biggest deciding factors was not being able to see my kids. Here’s the back story on what led up to my leaving: On Sunday 2/14 the charge nurse said that after a week of antibiotics I would be allowed to go down to the lobby to see my kids for 15-20 minutes. So on Thursday morning (2/18) I told hubby the good news. When my nurse for that day came in I told her my husband was on his way with the kids. She had no idea what I was talking about. I told her what the charge nurse said and she said she had to ok it with my doc. She came back about 40 minutes later and said the doc said Absolutely NOT!!! I was devastated. The nurse was understanding and told me how she understood. Her mom had been in the hospital for a few months and her kids weren’t able to visit either. She said she finally snuck them in to see her. I couldn’t believe she was telling me this!! If she could sneak her kids in couldn’t she do the same for me?? Or at least sneak me down to see my kids?? So that night a new nurse said she’d ask a different doc for me. All they needed was one ok from a doc. Well I got the same answer NO!!!! So Friday (2/19) rolls around and I am getting ready for my sonogram appointment. I was scheduled for 8:30am. I get to the exam room and the tech does my scan. She said all looks good and that the high risk doc would be right in to see for himself. I’m waiting laying on this hard exam table (the kind where they pull out that little leaf section for your legs) in a room with the air conditioning running!!! Ten minutes go by and no doc……15 minutes…..20 minutes……Finally 45 minutes later this doctor shows up!!! I am beyond pissed at this point! He says “Oh sorry for the delay” I asked him if he was really sorry and his response “Oh am I keeping you from some where?” I couldn’t believe what a jerk this guy was!! I told him I never asked to see him and that I would not see him again. It was his suggestion that I check myself out of the hospital. He “threatened” to tell my doc about our conversation and I challenged him to do just that! After getting wheeled back to my room the nurse asked if I needed anything. I told her I needed papers to sign out because I was leaving!!! Of course this got all the nurses in a tizzy and my doc said that I shouldn’t leave. But let me tell you why I was comfortable leaving the hospital in my condition. I had been on IV antibiotics every 4 hours for an entire week, I had 2 steroid shots to mature the baby’s lungs, I had no hint of labor starting and the baby has a strong steady heartbeat with lots of movement. If I felt in any way unsafe leaving the hospital I wouldn’t have left. But I felt like it was better for me to be home in my bed with my family. The stress of not seeing the kids and only seeing my hubby once or twice a week wasn’t good for me. I feel like the less stress I have the better the chances are that I can stay pregnant longer. I have an appointment Monday morning with my OB and I’m guessing I’ll probably see him twice a week.

So that (very long story) is why I am now home 😉


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