Day 8


The days are going fast and slow at the same time. I try to keep to a “routine” so that I don’t go crazy. Meals come at 8am, noon & 5pm. I try to shower around 7am. After breakfast I’m put on the monitor for an hour. I’ve been listening to my favorite radio station 104.5 on my laptop. It’s a cool station based out of Philly. That helps the time pass as well as blocking out the sounds of the new babies crying. That is the worst part about being on the L&D floor. Hearing those cries kills me. Sadly I won’t get that experience. Even if we hold on for a few weeks he will still be pre-term and the baby will be whisked away to the NICU 😦 Hubby hasn’t been here since Monday 😥 It sucks so bad that I can’t see my kids. I asked the doc if I could see the kids in the lobby and he said no!! So today is looking like it will be like yesterday – weepy & sad.


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