Day 7 – 1 Week


Today I am 29 weeks pregnant – Well whatever I was feeling yesterday seems to have tapered off. No more cramping or contractions. Hubby will be coming for a visit today as well as bringing me some much-needed clothes. I haven’t seen hubby since Monday 😦 It is so hard for him to get here. We just don’t have anyone to help out. My mom is saving what few vacation days she has left for when the baby is born. All of hubby’s family is out of sate. And well yes I will say it……I have no friends to ask. At this point I am fine with having no friends, I am so over it. But it would be nice to have a trusted person keep an eye on the kiddos for me so hubby can visit. I did have one person offer to help but this is the same person who bailed on me when my depression was at its worst. I told her how down I was and that I didn’t want to hurt her and she called it quits. So how can I have her come watch my kids after that?? It really makes me wonder if she really wants to help or if she’s just being politically correct by offering to help??? So hubby will wait until after dinner to come visit. Today is my last day of every 4 hours IV antibiotics :mrgreen: I can’t wait to get this needle out of my arm!! I bruise so easily and it’s so sore! I think that’s about it…..not much new going on……..


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