Day 6


So here I am on day 6 since my water broke. I haven’t had many contractions since then. Just a few on the first day my water broke and 1 or 2 a day there after. When I was first admitted they did a sonogram to check the baby’s position. He was head down. Then on Friday 2/12 he was breech. Well today he is HEAD DOWN again!!! They said he probably wouldn’t have turned from the breech position due to the loss of fluid. But this feisty little guy has proven them wrong 🙂 I think this is the first time I’ve had a real smile on my face since being admitted. Now I am praying he stays in this position. I have lost more fluid so hopefully this will “force” him to stay put. I was told that 90% will deliver within 1 week of the rupture. Today is Goober’s birthday so that would be neat if they shared a birthday 😉


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