I Miss My Kids


These next few weeks are going to be the hardest weeks of my life. My kiddos cannot come see me because they haven’t had the H1N1 vaccine. Hubby looked into getting it for them but they will need 2 doses 4 weeks apart!!! By the time they are protected I will (hopefully) be ready to come home. My doc said if I don’t go into labor or have any problems by 34 weeks they will induce me. So I am looking at the end of March before I will be able to see my kids.( Unless I have the baby before then.) Then add to it that I am in a hospital 40 minutes from home. My mom has limited time to take off of work. Hubby is applying for the Family Leave Act but that can take a few weeks to kick in. My mother in-law may come up from South Carolina to help. The thought of her in my house while I’m not there makes my skin crawl. But what can I do?? I know, I know it is silly to worry about things I cannot control. But all I have is time. If hubby gets here for an hour a day that’s a lot. He has to take care of the kids. So it’s just me alone in a hospital room with crappy tv and my computer.


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