Just The Reason Why…..


Well I knew it was bound to happen. I ran into my aunt at Wal-Mart yesterday. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. This aunt is the mother of my cousin Maureen who sadly has no life and would read my blog 5 times a day or more. Once I asked her to stop doing so her crazy husband called me up and started harassing me. He was calling me names such as trailer trash (uh yeah I live in a house dummy) and made a nasty remark about my 2 miscarriages even though his wife went through the same thing! Who does that?? Who would say something about a loss like that?? So when I get back from the store I get a call from my mom. My aunt had “tattled” on me to my mom 🙄 this is exactly the reason why I want nothing to do with the extended family!!! I can only imagine what Maureen and my aunt are saying about me now. These are the two biggest gossips of the family too. Hopefully if I run into “family” again they will keep on going. I know I will! 😉


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