Keep The Door Open!!!


For the past few weeks Chip has decided he’d like to sleep with the door open when he goes to bed at night. Since all the kiddos started sleeping in their cribs I have always closed the door while they slept. I have tried closing the door after he has fallen asleep only to be “scolded” for doing so once he wakes up! I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I feel like he can’t be getting a good night sleep with the door open. Plus JoJo sleeps in there as well so I feel like he isn’t sleeping as well either. I have noticed that the boys wake up about 1/2 hour earlier then before the door started staying open. (Or maybe I’m just hearing them better since the door is open 😆 ) I know, I know…..if this is my biggest worry right now then I have nothing to worry about right?? I personally like to sleep with my door closed and complete darkness. Maybe sleeping with the door open is teaching the kids to tune out normal household noises? Maybe in turn they will sleep better because the door is open all night? Well I can only hope 😉


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