Where Are We?


Where has the time gone?? We’re mid-way through November already. Not much new going on here. We are down to 1 kitty. We chose to keep Max. He was the loner of the three and seemed to be the best one to stay behind. A friend of a friend from hubby’s work took the other 2.

I am still driving Chip to school everyday. It has gotten old but I still feel like it’s the right thing to do. For a few days after I complained the bus seemed to be on time. But now they are back to being late again! I guess another parent will have to speak up now.

Goober will be doing wrestling this year. He’s looking forward to it. Ry-Guy wants nothing to do with sports or activities!!

Busy Bee is a little disappointed that the baby will not be “living” in her room. Other then that she can’t wait to help mommy take care of the new baby.

JoJo has gone from baby to toddler. He is talking up a storm. He now initiates games with Chip & Busy Bee instead of just following along. It is so cute!

I can’t believe this year is coming to an end soon. So much has happened. Some good, some bad. But I’ll save that for another time when I look back at 2009 😉


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