Oh What A Day!!!


Yesterday was one of those days!! I was in such a mood. And it just seemed to keep getting worse. Actually I was the one who kept feeling worse. My nerves were stretched so tight. I was feeling so very edgy. The kids have been behaving just fine. Hubby and I have not been fighting. Other then having pregnancy hormones raging through my body I had no reason for feeling so bad.
I don’t like using pregnancy as an “excuse” for anything. But in this case of this particular day it was because of being pregnant. I spoke with my pastor’s wife at church last night and she reminded me I’m not alone in feeling this way. Too many times as moms we try to hide how we are really feeling….fearing others will gasp and judge us. After speaking with her I felt so much better!! I didn’t feel like such a crazy woman. I felt like a mom who is pregnant with 5 children. (All of which have been home all this past week!) I felt like I didn’t have to pretend I wasn’t feeling so edgy. I felt freed from the prison of my own emotions.

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