Where Does He Put It???


Yesterday at breakfast JoJo had his usual serving of 1 nice sized pancake (about the size of my hand!!) Chip & Busy Bee were requesting a second pancake and JoJo followed their request with his own. I served another thinking he would not finish the entire thing. Well I was wrong. He polished that off. After eating that 2nd pancake he got out of his seat and grabbed a bowl. He then asks for “fwoooot woops”! I’m thinking he doesn’t really want the cereal and I ignore him for a moment. He continues to insist! So to appease him I put a few in the bowl. He takes one look and says again quite loudly “fwoooot woops”!!! So what the heck I pour him a full bowl. All the while I am thinking there is no way this 2 year old will eat that after 2 large pancakes! I can’t even eat that much and I’m pregnant lol!!! He eats every last “woop” and requests another bowl!! Now I know there are times in a child’s life (such as the toddler & teen years) when they require more calories/food but a second bowl??? Okay….why not right? I serve this second bowl and watch in amazement as this little guy eats every last “fwoooot woop” from that bowl!


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