Breast IS Best!!!


After reading a few threads on my message boards I had to come and vent. My personal opinion is breastfeeding and doing it exclusively. That’s what breasts were created for. If you do the research you will find that just about everyone can BF. They just need to do it! Too many give up saying they are not making enough milk 😳 Nursing more often will remedy that situation. Then there are those that whine that dad can’t feed the baby 😥 Yeah well God didn’t give the men the ability to nurse. He can always burp and change the baby. Now I may sound harsh and judgemental and that is because I am. Why not give your baby the best thing for them? Why feed your baby something that is trying to be as good as breastmilk and made in a factory?? I do have to say that I didn’t EBF until baby #4 and I deeply regret that. I didn’t have the support or education on breastfeeding. I think if you are healthy and you do NOT breastfeed you are doing the wrong thing. Now I know this will p*ss many people off and honestly I don’t care. I am talking about doing the most natural & healthy thing for a baby. If you don’t like it tough!


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