Large Family??


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. Most are from large families. We are expecting baby #6 and by today’s social standards we have a large family. I don’t know… just doesn’t seem like a big family to me. Do all larger families feel this way?? To me a large family would be 8 or more kiddos. I should realize by now that society thinks we have a large family. I’ve gotten some pretty odd questions. “Are they ALL yours?” “Are they all from the same father?” “What religion are you?” And I’ve gotten some quiet and not so quiet judgements from family, “friends”, acquaintances and people on the street. One person in particular seems to have more trouble then most about my family size. I don’t know?? Is it something I put out there? Do I act smug because I have a big family? I do have to admit I like to see the shock on people’s faces when they hear we have 5 kiddos and are expecting baby #6. 😆 But seriously tho…why do people feel so strongly about the size of my family? I’m not going to even start “defending” myself about what we are missing out on. That is a personal judgement from other people’s life standards. I could easily say families with “only” 3 children are missing out. But what is right for my family is definitely not right for other people’s families. And when the day is over it is only God that you have to answer to. Not other people. My pastor said something a while back that really struck me……my desire for a large family is God-given. Awesome!!! So not everyone has been given the desire for a large family. But God has given that to my family 😉 Soooooo…..if the people who are judging me are Christians then they should step back and take a look at where their “issue” is for their judgement of my family. Are they feeling jealous? What ever their “issue” is they should remember that this is God’s plan for my family. God has a plan for their family too and it’s not the same as the plan for mine. Once people come to terms with that then there will be less judging of large families (my family). As for non-Christians I cannot worry myself with that 😉


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  1. Chrissy, I’m a mother to four young boys and have full custody of my niece and nephew, so I can totally relate to the looks, questions and even with the prejudice looks as if it’s “wrong”. Having a lot of children is an amazing experience and if I had a large enough house and was financially secure I very well may have another “Dugger” household, lol. I too hope people will one day realize that all children are blessings and gifts from God, we have accepted that responsibility. Most people have the attitude as if the children were accidents, like we wound never really have this many children on purpose. I have found that a lot of parents I have talked with get very stressed out with multiple children and that is why they think it’s a negative thing. Having many children makes things more complicated but definitely not harder or bad. I commend you!

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