Bus Stop Bumps


Ok so I’ve already said how I’m in a mood today! I’m even more annoyed right now and it involves school busses. Where I live in my town we are not considered for busing (which is fine) but for some reason my school provides busing to kindergarten. We have half day kindergarten in my school. Once my son gets to first grade I have to drive him to & from school. I just don’t understand WHY they bus him to school but only for kindergarten??? Ok that said……the bus is never on time!!! It should be at my stop by 11:27 am. It will not get to my stop until 11:40-11:42 😮 School starts at 11:50. This bus still has another 10 blocks to go before it gets to the school!!! The bus almost never gets the children to school on time. School cannot start until both busses get there. Now keep in mind we are talking about half day kindergarten. Then by the time the children get off the bus and get settled in class (take off coats & backpacks) they have lost up to 10 minutes of school time. Now if I was the one who consistently got my child to school late it would count against my child. But since it’s the bus that is causing them to start late I guess it’s ok??? I have already called the transportation department and the school principal to complain. But come on now it’s been 2 months of this! The bus drivers should have the route worked out by now!!! I know my son’s driver likes to chat with other moms as she picks the children up. So my son is getting to school late because I have a chatty bus driver??? I’m at the point where I am considering driving him to school. I know it will be a hassle getting 3 kiddos out the door. Even if I don’t drive him I’m stuck standing out in the cold and rain for 10 minutes waiting for the bus to come!! I’d rather sit in my warm van 😉


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