Wonderful Weekend


This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long while. Usually weekends feel tense and crowded. Every room has someone in it & everyone is doing something different. It can get a little much at times. But this weekend felt so relaxing and nice. Friday night the big boys went to a youth rally with the youth group from church. I believe it was God’s plan to have this happen on this specific night (at least for my son) The high school was having the Halloween dance. Since we don’t celebrate Halloween Goober wouldn’t have gone anyway. But now when kids ask “Why didn’t you go to the dance?” he can tell the kids about the youth rally!!

Hubby let me sleep in Saturday morning. When I got up all the dishes were done, the little ones had breakfast and JoJo’s diaper was changed. After a relaxing cup of coffee, hubby and I went on a “date” We went food shopping at the new Super Wal-Mart down the road from us. We took our time while shopping and we got some really good deals. When we got back hubby baked us some chocolate chip cookies while I had lunch in bed and watched some of my shows on DVR. And after that I took a nice nap 😉

Sunday started of with Chip waking up from a wet bed. But that was the worst of the day. It only got better from there. Goober had his friend spend the night and we all got up early and went to Sunday school. I had left JoJo & Chip home (in case he was coming down w/ something after the bed wetting thing) The youth group was hosting a spaghetti luncheon after service so the big boys left a short while into the service. I was able to sit by myself and enjoy church! The luncheon was nice. The youth did a great job & the spaghetti and meatballs were so tasty. We finished our day with football & sloppy joes for dinner. What a nice weekend we had!!!!


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