Switchin’ OB’s…..Again!!!


Oh boy. I am dropping my OB (again) This is the second OB this year! I went in to get some assurance that the baby was ok. I’m 9 weeks and with Job he had passed away at 8 weeks and I continued to carry until I found out at my next appointment 😦 So I get in and the doc does an internal and says all looks well. I ask if we can check for a heartbeat but she said it was too early to hear on the doppler. I told her I was worried and why and she said I’d have to wait a few weeks to make sure all was well. Huh? The feeling I got from her was annoyance. Sadly this wasn’t the first bad thing to have happened at this OB practice. So I looked up some OB’s that took my insurance and I have an appointment next week. Hopefully they will be more caring!!


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