God Spoke To Me Last Night!!!


Last night I was ripped from my sleep after hearing (in my mind) the word of God!! Now this may sound odd/weird/crazy to some but this is not the first time I’ve had God speak to me. But this last message was humbling!! He said “Why art thou forsaking Me?” Whoa!!!! Let me back up and explain a few things. I missed the last 2 Sundays at church and we didn’t go to last Wednesday’s service either 😦 I’ve been struggling because even though hubby isn’t working his second job he still isn’t going to church. All summer long he kept saying he’d come to church with us when he was done with his second job. Now hubby really hasn’t gone to church with us very often anyway. I’ve gone back and forth on how I handle it. I’ll nag for a while, I’ll be silent and not say anything or I’ll “punish”  him by leaving the baby home 😦 I know the right thing to do is just go (with all 5 kiddos) and God will take care of the rest…..but sometimes I get in the way. But by doing that I am hurting myself and my kids. What a kick in the butt huh??

God is good :mrgreen:


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