Lesson Learned!


I am so annoyed!! A few years back I had lent my cousin a baby name book. I’ve asked for it on and off but never received a response. Turns out she lent it to her sister (my other cousin) and it was lost!! Yes it was just a book. But to me an important book. It had the names I had picked out for my first three children. Girl names if they were girls and boys’ names hubby & I were thinking about. I remember the shopping trip I took to buy it. My belly was getting big (I didn’t find out Goober was a boy until I was 7 months!) and I was so excited to pick out names for my first born….sniff. Now I’ll never see it again. This isn’t the first time I’ve lent items out and never seen them again. But this will be my last! I always make a point of returning itmes…actually I try not to borrow anything from anyone to avoid this situation. This has me so very annoyed!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


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