Surgery Was A Success


Chip came through surgery with flying colors! He’s already back to himself!! THANK YOU for all your prayers!!! Tuesday started off early. We were expecting to leave the house at 7am to be at the hospital by 8am for 9am surgery. At 6:15am as we were getting ready hubby sees that there is a message on the answering machine. The doc had called at 9:30 the night before to tell us there was a cancellation and we should be there between 6:15 & 6 :40 for a 7:30 surgery. OMG!! It was 6:15….so I call my mom and tell her to hurry up and get here! Chip was already awake so I put him in the van and put on a DVD for him. My mom gets to the house a few minutes later and were on the road. (Right after we left the doc called and my mom let them know we were on our way…that really sped things up for us!!) From the time we took him back to get him situated the entire procedure lasted only 45-50 minutes!! He was very weepy & dizzy when he woke up. But once he knew we could leave he perked up. As a reward we took him to Mc Donald’s for pancakes. He was thrilled!! Once we got home he layed on the couch for the rest of the day. By dinner he was back to himself. The doc said we don’t need to go back for stitch removal and he’d see us at the end of the summer!! He gave him clearance to go swimming by Friday. Now if only the weather would cooperate! It’s been cool & rainy 😦


Before we went in…he really liked the fish!!!


S8002896 S8002904Heading home…….


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