I Know It’s Been So Long……


Ugh I don’t even know where to begin. The longer I was away the less I wanted to blog. Not because I don’t like blogging….but because I knew there would be so much to write!!! And many of the things I wanted to blog about deserve their own entry. But things have been crazy so I’ll condense it all in one. The big boys and I were baptized as planned. It was a beautiful day. The sun came out just in time to make the plunge a bit warmer. What an uplifting feeling to be baptized the way Jesus was!!! I’m just sorry hubby wasn’t able to come. So we head home after a full & fun day. Chip seemed tuckered out so he crashed on the couch….until he woke up with a fever. Ugh! He just couldn’t get sick….he’s going in for surgery!!! And not only was Chip sick but JoJo was too. Goober stayed home to watch the sick kids while the rest of us went to church. JoJo didn’t wake up until 10:15am!!! Poor baby. And a day or so later the kids sound croupy!! Is this going to get any better??? So after being around these germs I get a raw voice that I end up losing for a few hours one day. Try scolding the kids with no voice….it’s too funny. OK I think I’m up to about Wednesday of last week…….We head to church for mid-week service. Awesome as usual. Then at the end I ask for prayer for Chip and all the ladies gathered around, some layed hands, and we all prayed. It was amazing!!! And guess what??? He is healthy & well. So now he can have the surgery as planned. I’ll find out what time we need to be at the hospital this afternoon. I’m so worried for him. He is going to be scared silly. This kid doesn’t even like to sit on an exam table at the doctor’s office. I had to have him strapped in the papoose for his stitches. Oh Lord give me strength to keep my baby calm!! PTL hubby will be with me. My mom is watching the kids for me.

OK that was the quick version of the past 10 days. I am almost certain that I’ve left something out. But with no coffee in my system this was all I could come up with. Hubby is off all this week and Goober is graduating 8th grade. So I’m not sure when I’ll be able to update you on Chip and the surgery. But thank you in advance for your prayers. They are much appreciated!!!


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