Less Then 2


I got the call from my doc about my HCG levels. They were less then 2. That’s a good thing – It means I have nothing left over from the miscarriage. I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been a little on the emotional side the past few days. But all in all I’m good. The drive to conceive again isn’t like last time. I have the attitude if it happens it happens. Hubby on the other hand…he is now consumed with me getting pregnant again. And no…get your mind out of the gutter….it’s not about the s*x…..he just has the same feelings I had last time. He feels robbed of our baby, he feels sad that I missed out on being pregnant and he finally understands how I felt about everything! Hubby and I have really come a long way. We have grown closer together which has made our marriage stronger.


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