So Gald I Did It!!


I went to church last night. I almost didn’t go. Why? It wasn’t because I was embarrassed or ashamed for not going. It wasn’t because I was worried about what anyone would think. I think it was because I got comfortable not going. I got used to not “feeling” See when I go to church I “feel” all of my feelings – good & bad. (But the bad isn’t so bad) But when I stay home I go numb. But here’s the thing – that numbness never lasts. Then the feelings are even more intense and overwhelming. So I jumped back in. I picked a mid week service to do so. It’s a nice small group of church members. A group that most of which I know. (and they know me) There were lots of hugs and prayers. It was awesome! And the kids had a good time too. Poor Chip – he’s been wanting to go for so long!! And he is learning the days of the week. So you can’t fool him and tell him it’s not a “church day” 😆 I’m not sure where hubby is with his “issue”. But when he saw how miserable I was not going he urged me to go back. He knows how important it is for me to have this church family. He’ll be working 7 days a week for the entire summer so I don’t have to stress over that for a while anyway. I will enjoy my summer….and be thankful for all that I have!!!


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