Stress Sucks!!


Sigh….I never made it to church today. Hubby and I had a fight this morning. Over what? I have no idea!! Hubby is stressed to the max and he’s been a little on edge. Well….maybe a lot on edge. Even tho we got our van, hubby is still stressed out. ‘Cause now we have a car payment. Add that to the mortgage, cell phone bill, phone bill, cable bill…….well you get the idea. So after our “lively” discussion this morning I wasn’t up to going to church. Plus I feel a little weird after not going for so long. The Senior Pastor left and I wasn’t even there for his last day. I feel a little “disconnected” from my absence. A little overwhelmed from all that’s been going on here at home. Chip’s surgery is in a few short weeks, I worry about my pregnancy, Goober is graduating 8th grade next month and the whole van thing…….it all weighs on me. I’m the one who keeps everything running here at home. I’m the one who’s heart aches as I lay down to sleep at night. I’m the one who wrestles with the “what if’s”. I’m the one who is exhausted!!! Stress SUCKS! (Excuse my language – I know it’s not very lady like and I hate to read words like that – but it says it perfectly!)


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