A Little Sad


Sigh….I don’t know how else to explain how I’ve been feeling?? I’ve had a lot going on the past few days: hubby quitting smoking & being very cranky, Chip and his hernia, the anniversary of my grandma’s passing 😦 , frustration over TTC, my washer isn’t working (and I haven’t done wash in 5 days!!!) and some issues hubby has with the church I’ve been going to. I don’t know….maybe the miscarriage is catching up to me too?? Things just feel really sad for me and I’m not sure what I can do about it?? I was thinking that if I’m not pregnant hubby & I will stop trying and if it happens it happens. Who would have thought that s*x could be stressful? lol! As for the church issue I’ll be praying on that. I found a church for us to try out so maybe next weekend we’ll get around to visiting there. I have an appointment with a pediatric urologist on May 5 for Chip so that takes care of that for now. At least my washer is getting fixed tomorrow. And hopefully the nice weather we’re expecting will help me feel better? It’s supposed to get into the 80’s in the next few days (which is a big deal for NJ 😉 ) So that is my sad little story lol! Until next time…..


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