Table For 12??


I just got done watching that show. I have to say I was less then impressed. It just wasn’t very interesting. But it got me thinking about my family. I know the issue of large families has been on my mind. I love large families!! If I see a family with 5 or more kiddos I can’t help but sneak a peak at them. In the episode I watched the family had gone out to eat at a small pizza place. It started out nice. Then the kids started getting fussy. Some were walking around, one was standing on his seat….well you get the idea!! Well I have to say that my kids behave better then that when we are out. Most recently I took all 5 kids out by myself to a fairly nice restaurant. (Not fast food 😉 ) We got stares the entire way to our table. Then the 2 tables nearest us had their eyes glued to our table for quite some time! Well finally this woman couldn’t take it any longer. I knew she was going to say something by the way she made direct eye contact and leaned over. But you know what she said??? “Your children are so well behaved!” I sit a little taller and smile 🙂 “Thank you” We then talked about the ages of the kids (sadly I was still pregnant at the time) When we left I can say I walked a little taller 😉 Now I’m not saying I was shocked by her compliment. I know my kids are well behaved. Even on their worst day I know there are kids out there that are 10 times worse! I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t want to lose touch with my kids (no matter how many I have) I want to know each one in their own special way. I want to cherish each child at each moment. In the blink of an eye they will be grown 😥 and I don’t want to miss a second of it!!!


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