Daily Archives: March 16, 2009

Weepy Afternoon


Ugh…I’ve been so weepy this afternoon 😥 Not really crying…just getting all teary eyed. Over what??? TV shows (7th Heaven…come on!!!) commercials, and other blogs. Don’t get me wrong…I love 7th Heaven…it’s just not a show I’d normally cry over lol!! Sigh….it’s my hormones……I know. Tomorrow is my birthday. The best gift I could get would be a BFP!!! I’ll only be 9 DPO…but it’s still possible to get a positive that early. Can ya tell I’m anxious??? lol!!


Wonderful Weekend


I had such a nice weekend. On Saturday my mom took me to AC for the day to celebrate my birthday. We played the slot machines, ate some lunch, and went shopping. My mom got me a really cute Vera Bradley bag!! We had such a nice time…even tho I didn’t win anything lol!! Then on Sunday my hubby let me sleep in. I woke up to a yummy breakfast & coffee. Then he let me go back to bed! He made the kids lunch and he made dinner!! I finished off the weekend by hanging out with my hubby and watching our shows.