Day, Day Go Away


Ugh…I’m so done with today! No reason…just bored silly and would love for this day to be over. This has been a slow week for me and I’m kinda going crazy with not much to do. Hubby switched to days this week and he doesn’t get home until late afternoon. Plus I’m waiting to find out if I’m pregnant and the wait is killing me!! It’s too early to tell so taking a test won’t help (not that I haven’t tested 😉 lol!!) I’m just so anxious to be pregnant again. We all are (hubby & kids) Busy Bee keeps talking about when the baby will be in my belly. Sigh…I feel like I’m in limbo until I find out. I did find out something interesting the other day…..If the egg doesn’t implant between 6-12 days after ovulation the pregnancy probably won’t last. I was expecting a positive test with my last pregnancy on 12-25. It was negative. Then I got a positive test on 12-31. So the delay in a few days must have made the difference for baby Job 😦 That was the first I heard about that and I’ve had 5 kids! You learn something new everyday 😉


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