I was thinking of the theme song from Cheers. Not that I’m comparing my church to a bar lol! It just nice to go: “Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” I finally feel like I have a home. A place to belong. Ever since I got saved 8 years I dreamed of having my own house, belonging to a church, and being part of a community. It took the better part of our first year in our new home…but I finally got what I dreamed of! My church is so great. All the kids love going. Well maybe JoJo not so much. He’s having some separation issues lol! Chip & Busy Bee are always asking if today is “a church day”.  My pastors know who I am and what is going on in my life. I feel comfortable enough to go on Wednesday nights in comfy clothes and no make-up. (Ugh did I look like cr*p last night!!) I’m slowly making friends with other church mommies.

I know….what a difference from my post yesterday right? Well that’s how the Lord works. When you’re down He will pick you up. And just sometimes He will carry you when you cannot go on. Yes I threw myself a pity party yesterday.


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