Dumped My OB


Ugh…I can’t go back. Not after all that’s happened. I spoke with the doctor today and his response really made me mad. He seemed like he didn’t even care that he was losing a patient. Not that I expected him to be personally upset. I just figured it’d be good business to find out why your patient is upset. Maybe it’s common for patients to leave after a miscarriage?? Who knows?? Now I feel a little lost..not having an OB/GYN. Not that I need one right now..I’m not pregnant…yet!! 😉 But then there’s the questions? Who do I go to? What hospital do they use? Will they be nice & supportive?? I’m asking around and I’m sure I’ll find a doc soon. It was just a little emotional for me to speak with the doctor today 😥 I asked the doctor about getting a copy of the sonogram picture from my last appointment. I never even thought of asking for one when I was there 😥 The only picture I have of baby Job he was just a dot…not much there. When he passed on he was a little more formed and I really need to have that picture.


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