My First Time Out


Today was the first time I’ve left the house since coming home from the hospital. I was so scared I didn’t think I could do it at first. We went to MOPS. Walking through the door was so hard. Just looking at all the people in one room was almost too much. I kept my eyes down and kept going. Then “it” happened. The first “How are you?” – thankfully it was from my pastor. I cried, we hugged. It was like taking a band-aid off quickly. Once it was over it wasn’t so bad. Yes it still hurt but it wasn’t as bad as I had built it up to be. I’m so glad I got it “done and over with”

My dear sweet husband has been so good to me….God knows I’ve been a mess. But thanks to his strength and many prayers I was able to pick myself up and get out of the house. Maybe I’m ready for minute by minute??


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