Moms Like Me


I was reading the paper today and my eyes fell on the advertisement for the web site It got me thinking about my mom friends. I know lots of people who are moms. But not all are “moms like me” I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I was just thinking that it’s so nice when you do meet moms who are like you! 😉 Moms who have the same family values and parenting styles, moms who have kids close in age to yours, moms who are close in age to yourself, moms who have the same number of kids (ok I’ve yet to find this mom lol!!) But you get the idea right?? I love my mom friends. I have so many (ok not so many) that are like me but not like each other. KWIM?? Confusing right? Each mom I know is like me in one way or another. But maybe each mom friend is not like each other. I love thinking of my friends and seeing myself in so many different ways. 😉 Each person in my life is a blessing from God. Allowing me to be me in every way I can be!! To all my Moms Like Me…thank you for being you and being in my life!!!


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