Just Checking In….


Usually when I sit down to blog I have a specific thing I want to write about. Today I just can’t think of anything really worth blogging about. So this will probably just be an out of order rambling about the past few days. lol!! 😉

Let’s see…hubby got his “new” car. So now I have my van back. I ordered the new car seats..they should be here by Monday. Wednesday night we went to church. I worked in the nursery. All the kids were great except for JoJo. He was not happy if I held another child or stepped out of his line of vision. Ever since I found out I was pregnant he’s been even more clingy. I don’t know if it’s his age of the fact that he recently self-weaned from nursing?? Today (Thursday) was MOPS. It was good. Not too many people were there tho. Lots of little ones are home sick 😦 I made my announcement 😉 The topic of discussion was about simplifying your life. Most of the things talked about I already do 😉 I learned when I had very bad PPD not to push myself too hard. So now I try to only do 1 big thing a week (other then church 😉 ) to keep myself from getting overwhelmed. I don’t go crazy cleaning my house. Isn’t that what kids are for? lol!! Seriously tho…my big boys help out a lot. They each have their own specific chores and they do a great job too!! Oh and the other day I organized all the food in my cabinets & freezer and made a meal plan for the next month. I also looked up some new recipes I’d like to try too. So this should help a lot. Especially once the baby gets here 😉

So that’s pretty much it…nothing else I can think of….Until next time… 🙂


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