My Car Seat Saga…..


Ok where do I begin??? We are not able to buy a new van right now. We got back much less than we expected for our taxes. So we’ll have to wait to get a new van 😦 We barely fit into our van as it is. And with 3 in car seats/booster seats it makes it even tougher. I tried to fit all 3 on the third row seat so we could all go to church Sunday. It was an impossibly tight fit that will not work for us. So after church I went on the cpu and started looking for a narrow booster seat for Chip. Not one could I find 😡 All the ones suggested were no longer being made. Then I started looking into car seats. I figured I’d just buy 1 or 2 new seats that were narrower so all 3 kids could fit. Sounds easy right?? 😕 Not all websites give measurements for the base of each seat. After a few hours of searching I called a store in Illinois. I asked the woman who answered if she had any narrow car seats. This woman measured every car seat in her store and called me back during half time of the Super Bowl!!! 😎 :eek::grin: She told me about this car seat (Sunshine Kids Radian 65) that was only 15 inches wide, it had a 5 pt. harness, and held a child up to 65 Lbs!! So after we hung up I started researching this seat. It was kinda expensive 😯 ($190-$259!!)

Then I came across this video:

OMG I was so getting new seats for Busy Bee & Chip!!! So I ordered the seats today and they should be here by the end of the week!!!


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