Sometimes Things Just Go From Bad To Worse


Sigh…I am pretty annoyed right now. I just had a family member take me off their FaceBook friend list!! And it really is AHHHHHH!!! What started out as something not too big (at least for me) has snowballed into something big. Yes I said some things I shouldn’t have and she was apparently looking for an apology. She also was going to enlighten me as to why I seem to have problems with my family. Well I know why I have problems with my family. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I speak without thinking. It gets me into trouble more often then not. I also have a hard time saying that I was wrong. But guess what? This family member has made a point of pulling away from the family just as much as me. So the pot is calling the kettle black?? The only reason I’m blogging so freely about this because she commented on my last blog and said some things that I just couldn’t have public. I don’t want my blog to be about anyone other then me. And if someone reads it and is thinking I’m talking about them then I don’t know what to tell you. I blog about my personal feelings and my life. Yes if something a person has done has affected me I will blog about it. But I will NOT say Oh Jane Doe did this awful thing and she makes me mad. I will respect the other person’s privacy and only blog about MY side and how I feel (which is neither right nor wrong!!) I woke up after my hubby letting me sleep in to this and more from this person. And I don’t know what if anything she is saying about me. Yes I’ll admit I’m nervous she’ll talk about me. We had some pretty intimate conversations. But if she does say things I said then I guess I learned a lesson here. She says she won’t but she has also talked about other people to me so how can I know??? Sigh…I really don’t know where to go from here?? Yes I probably should call and talk it out. But she was pretty p*issed and used some strong language in ALL CAPS. So I don’t think she’d want to talk with me any way?? Things will be awkward for a while I guess? PTL tonight is church! I need to unload my burdens on His alter!!! (gasp…that makes me a crazy person!!!)


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