What A Way To Start A Day!!


Yesterday started out great! Ry-Guy was making french toast for himself and the little ones. All the morning chores were getting done. The big boys got the clothes they needed from the dryer. (Goober had no pants and Ry-Guy needed his gym clothes washed!) Then I heard it. The scream you know means something awful has happened! I ran into Chip’s room and found him holding his mouth. Ugh….Let me backtrack. The day before (not even 24 hours before) we set up his “new” bunk beds we got from freecycle. So…he was climbing down the ladder and ended up falling and his chin/lip area was spit open! I rush him to the kitchen, grab a rag and scream for someone to call Daddy on my cell. Of course he wasn’t at home. Isn’t that how it goes when there’s an emergency??? He said he can’t get home that fast so I call my mom. PTL she is here within 5 minutes. Meanwhile I throw some clothes on (I was still in my pj’s) and run a brush through my hair. My mom pulls in the driveway and off we go. We get to the ER and it’s empty!! We were in a room in less then 10 minutes. So the doc comes in and takes one look and gets the suture kit. He starts to work on poor Chip without even considering his age and of course he’s screaming the second the needled hits his lip. Blood starts pouring out and he is crying uncontrollably. The nurses grab a papoose at my request. Once he’s strapped in (after lots of screaming, kicking, wailing) they start again. Ugh it was the worst few minutes. It felt like an hour! After he’s numb and calm I need a seat. I felt weak and queasy. (My mom said I was very pale) 4 stitches later we are ready to go! Chip was such a trooper. He was back to himself by mid-day. And back to sleeping on the top bunk last night. Other then the baby all the kids have had stitches and/or broken bones!! It’s a right of passage right??


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