The Quietest Day


Isn’t the day after Christmas the BEST!?!?! The kids are all happily playing with their new toys. No school to rush off to. No place we have to be. The house is a MESS and I don’t mind it one bit! I am ahhhh so relaxed. We had the BEST Christmas ever! The big boys were expecting very little this year (we warned them $$$ was tight) and after all the gifts were opened Hubby came in with 2 huge boxes! They were floored! Ry-Guy got the XBox he wanted and Goober got Guitar Hero World Tour….psst….we had a secret helper who bought and paid for both these gifts making it all possible 😉

Side note: The game was not working on our super old outdated system so we did have to replace our ps2. We picked up a used one at GameStop super cheap 🙂

Ok back to Christmas….we decided to stay home and not go to family gatherings. Busy Bee was still not 100% and hubby had to get up early for work the next day (3:30 am) We made a very yummy breakfast. I made the pancakes and he made the bacon & potatoes. It was even better then what you’d get in any diner! Then we had a soup cook off. I made my potato soup w/ cheddar cheese & bacon and hubby made a chicken chowder. He won. His soup was the BEST soup I’ve ever had!!! It had some spice to it and was so hearty. I had 3 bowls LOL! Then to complete our perfect day we played games until bed time (for us not the big boys 😆 they stay up way later then me 😉 LOL!!)

I have to say this was the BEST Christmas we’ve ever had!!

I hope you had a great Christmas too :mrgreen:

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