What A Nice Sunday


Ahhh…. (Not AHHH…LOL!) What a nice day. Church was awesome (as usual) We actually got up early and headed out to Sunday school before church started. Which is a pretty big deal for me. It’s tough getting 5 kids out the door by myself. Then add on the fact that it’s Sunday morning and the big boys stayed up late the night before…So long story short I got my butt in gear and headed off to Sunday school. We all had a pretty good time. Except JoJo maybe. He’s been fussy today 😦 I think he’s getting his molars? Any way…I come home from church to a clean house!! Yup hubby cleaned up while we were gone 😉 (we’ve made up since the whole dog issue, and things are the best they’ve been between us in a LONG time!!! 😉 ) Guess what else he did??? Cook dinner all weekend! Last night he made steaks wrapped in bacon on the grill & homemade mashed potatoes – made with heavy cream & butter!! YUMMY! Then tonight he made penne pasta in vodka sauce complete with fresh bread from the bakery! Food tastes SO much better when someone else cooks it 😉

Today I also got to meet my brother’s new girlfriend:) What a nice girl (I can say girl ’cause she’s 2 years younger then me LOL!) She seems to be just what my brother needs.


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