Can’t Get Movin’


Ugh what a blah day today. I just couldn’t get into any rhythm today. My hubby is home this week so that’s part of the blame LOL! I went to Shop-Rite and all the while I was thinking I was forgetting something. I did ok but I spent way too much money. And all of it was pretty much for 1 meal!! (Thanksgiving) Not to mention only 2 out of the 7 of us will really enjoy the meal. I have some pretty picky eaters here!! 😐

I’m pretty tired too! There was a bit of a comotion last night. The baby woke up (as usual LOL!) and while he was up my hubby went into one of his coughing fits. It wasn’t quiet by any means- it was like he was coughing up a lung or something 😯 (hmm… maybe he did I should ask him??) So of course the baby doesn’t go back to sleep right away. Then up I’m listening to the baby crying and my hubby coughing and cursing. Oh yeah I forgot to mention his coughing spells are also cursing under his breath spells as well. He get’s annoyed over the whole thing. (It’s his own fault tho ’cause he has asthma and he smokes too 😯 ) But that’s another story for another day/blog!!

So after all quiets down and I sleep (at last) – morning arrives. And as I mentioned earlier I had to run to Shop-Rite. I would have rather gone tomorrow or even Wednesday. But we had NO bread, 1/4 gallon of milk and only a few diapers left. So off I went while my hubby stayed home and played on the computer. I missed the baby’s nap because he slept while I was out. So instead of getting a break today I jumped right into lunch as soon as I walk in the door. All the while I’m trying to put the groceries away!! After the lunch rush is over the hubby is tired and takes a nap 😯 !! Huh??

So needless to say I did NOT cook dinner tonight. It was What-Ever-You-Want-Night. Which the kids actually prefer LOL!! I am so ready to drop and the house is a mess 😦 I have this unsettled feeling too…..Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day??? 😕


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